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Beginning to End Care

We're With You Every Step of the Way

The resources within Catawba Valley Health System allows each cardiac patient to receive all of there heart care from the same organization. Following a cardiac emergency, patients can continue to improve their heart health through continued appointments with an expert at Catawba Valley Cardiology, cardiac rehabilitation, a heart & stroke support group, and much more. 

Catawba Valley Cardiology

Catawba Valley Cardiology provides all the physician duties associated with the Heart Center. This includes screening for common conditions, recommending preventive care treatments, and referring patients to a skilled cardiologist when necessary. At the hospital, patients receive more specialized treatments like surgery, advanced diagnostics, and emergency care.

All of CVMC’s technicians and nurses have been through specialty training and education to receive credentialing in their areas. Once you have been diagnosed with heart disease or undergone cardiovascular surgery, our Center for Rehabilitation offers full-service Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation programs designed for the individual patient’s needs to promote an active recovery.

Cardiopulmonary Rehab

CVMC offers a Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation Program to address patients with a wide range of heart and lung (cardiac and pulmonary) conditions. The program includes an interdisciplinary plan for increasing physical activity as well as teaching heart-healthy diet, stress reduction and other preventive measures.

Patient Testimonial

"I began having a gripping sensation in my chest and upper back, but only when I would pick limbs up out of my yard. My cardiologist monitored the sensation for 8-months before we decided to go ahead and schedule a stress test. I received a call only an hour after the test from an alarmed doctor and they scheduled a heart cath within 2 days. They found 3 blockages, one of which was the widow maker, so they schedule a bypass. I was referred  to CVMC for the Cardiac Rehab Program. The staff in the Cardiac Rehab department are so encouraging and genuinely fun to be around. They took the headache out of exercise and helped set me up on a regimen to succeed. Once I graduated, I immediately transitioned down to Fitness Plus where I have been able to continue this routine because they have the same equipment plus some to help build my routine."

- Craig Cansler, 65, of Newton

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